Thursday, December 25, 2014

Get Symbiote Free on Kindle for 5 Days
Merry Christmas everyone!  On Christmas day I'm running a special on my short story Replica as well as my science fiction novel Symbiote.  The promotion on Replica ends at midnight and the Symbiote promotion will run through the 29th of December.

Symbiote Synopsis: When a normally meek Bay Area insurance agent suddenly turns into a voracious, homicidal maniac with an uncontrollable appetite, doctors quickly determine that the cause must be a brain parasite that can only be extra-terrestrial. Now, San Francisco Police Detectives Karen Hall and Yuri Markov are on a mission to end this wave of violence before more citizens become infected. But at every turn their investigation seems to be hindered by shadowy federal agents with a hidden agenda. Can they stop this reign of terror before one of them becomes the next Symbiote? Synopsis: In the year 2054, Army Sergeant Logan Martel hunts for an insurgent plotting a horrific attack on the West. It is in this world of high-tech equipment and prolific robotics that Logan finds himself set adrift, searching for what's left of his own humanity. Will he find what he's looking for? Or will he become merely a replica of his former self?

If you pick up a free copy of one of my eBooks, please leave an honest review or rating on Amazon or Goodreads!  Additionally, my new book The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key came out on 12/14/14 and can be found here.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Replica Free Through Christmas! you're just looking for something to read or you're looking to try out that new e-reader you received for Christmas, I have a great story for you to read.  The best part, it's free in the kindle store through Dec 25th!  Here's a synopsis of the ebook to whet your appetite:

"In the year 2054, Army Sergeant Logan Martel hunts for an insurgent plotting a horrific attack on the West. It is in this world of high-tech equipment and prolific robotics that Logan finds himself set adrift, searching for what's left of his own humanity. Will he find what he's looking for? Or will he become merely a replica of his former self?"

Here's what one blogger had to say about Replica:

"Trevor Schmidt, author of the cool sci-fi thriller Memory Leak, returns to the genre with this short story which follows a team of futuristic soldiers in their pursuit of a notorious terrorist.

This quick easy read is a cautionary tale regarding the development of future technology and is ideal lunch-break or commute reading that will appeal to fans of the Terminator movies."

-Ric's Reviews

 After you pick up your copy, it would be great if you left a simple review on Amazon or Goodreads

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Corsair Uprising #1: The Azure Key is Out Now!'m happy to announce that the first installment of my new science fiction series is out today!  It is entitled The Corsair Uprising: The Azure Key.  The Corsair Uprising series falls under the Space Opera heading but has a lot of Steampunk elements as well.  Please check it out and if you pick it up, be sure to give an honest review on Amazon.

"Liam Kidd was a freelancer for Vesta Corporation, Earth’s largest and most corrupt asteroid mining company. Through a series of events he finds himself working the mines, a fate worse than death. When an opportunity presents itself, he and two other miners escape through a nearby wormhole. They find themselves across the galaxy in the middle of a conflict between three alien species. Liam’s only chance of getting home lies in finding a device rumored to be capable of opening a singularity. Now, he and his crew must face the horrors of war to return to their own system, a challenge that might prove deadly."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Symbiote Free for a Limited Time!
Get your copy of my latest Science Fiction Novel "Symbiote" Free until November 23rd on Amazon.  All I ask is that you leave an honest review! Here's a synopsis to whet your appetite:

"When a normally meek Bay Area insurance agent suddenly turns into a voracious, homicidal maniac with an uncontrollable appetite, doctors quickly determine that the cause must be a brain parasite that can only be extra-terrestrial. Now, San Francisco Police Detectives Karen Hall and Yuri Markov are on a mission to end this wave of violence before more citizens become infected. But at every turn their investigation seems to be hindered by shadowy federal agents with a hidden agenda. Can they stop this reign of terror before one of them becomes the next Symbiote?"

Remember, my next novel, the first in an all new Science Fiction Series debuts this December!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Steampunk Swashbuckler Eye Patch
I've detailed Steampunk eye patches before on this blog, but none as swashbuckling-ly good as this one.  A product of TheOddCog, this baby has bling, faux leather, and an attitude that says, "I'm going to kick your ass and look good doing it."  The Odd Cog is out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which makes me wish I lived on the East Coast.

From the seller:
"Ahoy wayfarers! Survey this unique eye patch, featuring red faux leather, glass jewel ornament as well as copper chain and gear detail. Perfect for costuming or simply turning heads wherever you stride, this piece is a must-have for swashbucklers at heart or practice. Chain band measures approximately 23" at furthest length can can be adjusted to smaller sizes."

It's times like this I wish I needed to wear an eye patch...Yeah, I can't back that up.  For a costume piece this is a great deal at $40 and would serve as a centerpiece to your outfit. 

Sound off in the comments, would you wear this piece to a convention?  I'm kind of interested in the sword myself, but then I like sharp objects. 

Trevor's Rating of the Swashbuckler Eye Patch: 95% (For a piece that reminds me of Star Dust or one of my other favorite Steampunk outings).

Photographer: Stu Cloninger/ Grass Hut Studios
Model/MUA/Stylist: La Maupin

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Replica: Free Short Story
For a limited time, get Replica, a science fiction short story, for FREE on Amazon!  The promotion runs from 9/7/2014-9/11/2014, so pick up a copy, tell your friends, and if you enjoy my writing, please pick up a copy of my newest novel Symbiote.

Here's a blurb about Replica: A Short Story.

"In the year 2054, Army Sergeant Logan Martel hunts for an insurgent plotting a horrific attack on the West. It is in this world of high-tech equipment and prolific robotics that Logan finds himself set adrift, searching for what's left of his own humanity. Will he find what he's looking for? Or will he become merely a replica of his former self?"

Again, get this story for FREE!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Symbiote Is Out Now!
I'm excited to announce that my newest Science Fiction Novel, Symbiote, is out now on Kindle!  Trade paper version is coming soon.  Please check it out and give it an honest review!

Here's a synopsis: "When a normally meek Bay Area insurance agent suddenly turns into a voracious, homicidal maniac with an uncontrollable appetite, doctors quickly determine that the cause must be a brain parasite that can only be extra-terrestrial. Now, San Francisco Police Detectives Karen Hall and Yuri Markov are on a mission to end this wave of violence before more citizens become infected. But at every turn their investigation seems to be hindered by shadowy federal agents with a hidden agenda. Can they stop this reign of terror before one of them becomes the next Symbiote?"

If you have any questions about my newest novel, please leave a comment in the space below or tweet me @TrevorSSchmidt.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Orkina Mechanical Steampunk Watch
This automatic self-winding watch looks stunning, but I urge you to bear with me before jumping to buy.  The brand Orkina is a Chinese company, much like Winner, which makes cheap watches.  I have no doubt that the watch's quality isn't terrible, but beware of where you buy a watch such as this one.  I found this one on Etsy for $58.00 from ArtInspiredGifts, but a quick Google search and you can find one from Amazon or AliExpress for half the price.

In my previous posts about Caifu and Winner watches, I discussed the integrity of Etsy sellers who change out the leather bands and sell it as "Handmade."  I'm not going to pontificate on that today, because I don't want to beat a dead horse.  I've made my position clear already.  What I will say is that I understand people are trying to make a buck out there, but as a buyer of products online, you, the buyer, should make sure to do your research and find the best deal. 

Having said that, I still have my Caifu pocket watch from 2009 and it works just fine, so my experience with these Chinese-made watches is actually pretty good.  It's a dog-eat-dog world out there though, so watch yourself.  *Pun intended.*

Trevor's Rating of the Orkina Mechanical Steampunk Watch: 85% (For a great looking watch you can find for about $25 USD anywhere but on Etsy).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Periodic Table Bangle
Found this cool brass bangle with the Periodic Table of Elements stamped on it.  In addition to my penchant for all things Steam, I do love science-y items as well.  I think it's cool that it's a vintage version of the table to more closely fit the Victorian age.  This particular bangle costs $40.00.

From the seller: "I've taken a vintage periodic table of chemical elements (lanthanides and actinides omitted) and reworked the imagery to be appear sepia, aged and stained; in fact parts of it almost resembles antiqued brown leather. This truly has to be the ideal gift for a chemist or for someone in the medical profession."

Since the version of the table is a little older, if you were planning on wearing it to your next chemistry test, you might want to think again...

This product is made in Dorchester, England by JezebelCharms.  I would take a look at some of the other products at their shop, they're quite good.  As of this writing the shop has had more than 13,000 sales and 3000 ratings, mostly 5-Star.  I've seen their products around since about 2009, so it appears to be a highly reputable shop.

Trevor's Rating of the Periodic Table Bangle: 90% (For a solid piece with an older version of the periodic table that's really cool to look at).

Monday, September 1, 2014

Astronomical Steampunk Ring
Etsy user SomeMagic has made a pretty nifty little ring here.  Hailing from..."Europe," they've gotten some pretty good Etsy reviews and their prices are low.  The ring at right costs only $10.85.  The ring is adjustable and the band comes in two styles which I like.  They are not, however, waterproof.  If looking at this ring or the countless others in their shop, I would bear in mind the quality could be a little low, but the look of it is awesome.  So, as long as you don't get too attached to it you should be fine.  At the price they're practically disposable.  I say go for it.

Be sure to check out their Etsy, Twitter, and  Facebook.  (Note: after a little digging, they are out of Lithuania).

Trevor's Rating of the Astronomical Steampunk Ring: 80% (For a visually interesting ring that is not waterproof and may not be the best quality, but is still worth a look for the wearer who isn't concerned about such things).

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Steampunk Monocle
Having a pair of goggles is a necessity for any Steampunker.  However, don't you want to stand out from the crowd?  This monocle could be just what you need to take your outfit to the next level.  Created by oldjunkyardboutique, this $14.99 piece of hardware is just the right price for the average partaker of Steampunk culture.  Run out of Sarasota, FL, Old Junkyard Boutique has hundreds of items for sale and almost 11,000 sales on Etsy with 2600 reviews averaging 5-stars.  This is what I like to see when finding a Steampunk shop to share with all of you.  They've been in the business since 2009 and have nary had a bad review.  Their products are reasonably priced for the average cosplayer or enthusiast, making them an excellent choice.

The Monocle above looks to have great craftsmanship.  I love the winged bit on the end of the magnifying lenses.  It's a nice added touch that gives it character.

Here's a blurb from the seller on this item: "We present Steampunk Apocalyptic Cyber Monocle- Time Travel Crazy Scientist's Oculo-Vision Tool from our collection of mad scientist treasures. Our goggles are excellent for any starship captain or officer, troop ,men, women , children, all who plan to wear eye protection against any bomb blast attack, war , or apocalypse. Adjustable Elastic Head Part, made from PVC and plastic."

Be sure to check out their Website or Etsy Shop.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Monocle: 93% (For a lovely design that will bring your outfit to the next level)
Trevor's Rating of Old Junkyard Boutique: 98% (For great prices and an extensive Steampunk selection that will be sure to fill your needs)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fashion Feature: Royal Peasantry Designs my post from yesterday, I'll be talking today about Royal Peasantry Designs out of Asheville, North Carolina. Though Royal Peasantry makes Ritual Adornment and Tribal Fashion pieces for the most part, I've found some of their work has Steampunk elements to them.  The shop purveyor, Daniella Miller, uses a lot of fur, metals, and leather to create some really unique looks. 

The Tribal Headdress (at top right) is indicative of Royal Peasantry's blend of natural and man-made elements that I like so much.  I could just as easily see the headdress at a fashion show or on the head of an Airship Captain, sailing the seven skies in search of plunder.  The Tribal Headdress goes for $775, which I assume is due to the extensive amount work that must have gone into the intricate details.  View the Etsy posting for additional close-up images.

Below is a great piece that's billed as a leather hip bag festival belt.  Again, I've seen similar styling on the League of S.T.E.A.M. and other Steampunk enthusiasts.  The belt goes for $185 and would be perfect for your next sky pirate raid!  For more great angles, check out the Etsy posting.

In addition to the Etsy store, Royal Peasantry Designs runs an actual storefront in Asheville, NC, located at: 80 N Lexington Ave; Asheville, North Carolina 28801.

To learn more about Royal Peasantry Designs, check out their Blog, Website, Twitter, and Facebook!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Steampunk Steel Corset Wedding Dress

RoyalPeasantryDesign has created
this stunning representation of the perfect Steampunk wedding dress.  Its Victorian styling is accented by pieces of bronze, copper, and brass which make it really pop.

Seller's Description: "Elegant chained and powerful, coupled with dramatic structure. Properly corseted and perfectly constructed to hold the shape of the sweetheart. Your wedding dress is sure to make a lasting memory. Layered sweeping tulle skirt and fitted embellished corseted bodice of intricate metalwork design, bronze, copper, brass, beads and leathers, create the essence of found love.  Size 2-4/5"

Royal Peasantry Design is headed by Daniella Miller out of Asheville, North Carolina.  This particular dress costs $2999.00, which seems spot on with what I understand many wedding dresses cost these days. I like Daniella's work so much, this will be the first of multiple features from her shop.  Expect the second edition tomorrow.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Steel Corset Wedding Dress: 98% (For a stunning design with Steampunk and tribal features that meld perfectly with its Victorian roots)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daniel Agdag's Steampunk Flying Machine!bLSoeyI came across this article today from PSFK and think it's worth a look.  Daniel Agdag is an artist out of Melbourne, Australia who takes the cardboard and glue medium to an absolute extreme.  He's able to create these sculptures with little planning and amazingly intricate detail.  While he has a background in photography, art, and film making, his knowledge of making sculptures was entirely self-taught.

I would encourage you to check out the MARS gallery here to see some more examples of his work.  In addition to flying machines he has many industrial sculptures as well as various Steampunk buildings.  Here's another great article on his work.

Photos by Daniel Agdag & Melanie Etchell
It's too bad his work his work is based out of Australia because I'd like to see some of it in person.  The level of detail for the medium is truly astounding.  What do you think of Daniel Agdag's work?  Leave a comment in the space below!

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Flying Machine: 97% (For incredible detail in an interesting medium that sets his work apart from anyone else).

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Steampunk Altitude Mask
Coming to you from Etsy user OwlVsOctopus out of Albuquerque, NM is this interesting Steampunk Altitude Mask.  Now you can pilot your airship to greater heights without worries of suffocation!  TJ, the person behind OwlVsOctopus, has several great pieces of leather gear at his shop.

From his site: "I love working with wood and leather, bringing life back into old and broken things, adding age and character to new things. I love making custom restored-vintage straight razors and steampunk pieces so that they can reflect their owners, be they Gentlemen or Scoundrels (or, usually, equal parts of each)."

So far there are only 2 reviews of the shop for different products, but both are 5 star which is promising.  He's also got some cool bracers, masks, and a pretty sweet Dart Gun pictured below, right.  The Altitude mask retails for $120 while the Dart Gun goes for $180.  If anyone has any experience with this store owner, please leave your honest opinion in the comments section below!'s Rating of the Steampunk Altitude Mask: 85% (For a cool design with nice craftsmanship but with goggles that seem hard to see out through)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Steampunk Author Feature: Adam Dreece
Adam Dreece, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, is the author of The Yellow Hoods series of YA "Emergent" Steampunk books.  What does Emergent Steampunk mean, you ask?  Dreece answers the question on his website: "The SteamPunk books that I’ve read and discussed always have the principles and innovations needed to create that state of “SteamPunk” as already having happened. In the world of The Yellow Hoods, that is happening rather than already having been established."

It's definitely an interesting concept, which made me want to pick up a copy for myself to see how he accomplished this new offshoot of my favorite genre.  What I found was a well-written story targeted to Young Adults 12-18 (Which I wholeheartedly support).'s a description of the first book in the series from his website: "Seeds of a technological revolution have started to sprout in this old world, about to change it forever. A secret society, long thought crushed, makes its first move against its unsuspecting benevolent opponent.

Master inventor Nikolas Klaus has seen some of this coming, and has quietly broken the rule of keeping his secret society’s knowledge and skills from the younger generations. He knows that the day will come when they will be needed, but has underestimated how soon.

Tee, Elly and Richy shed their innocence and are forced to stand as the Yellow Hoods to overcome life-threatening dangers, unleashed as secrets of Nikolas’ past are revealed.

Will Nikolas’ secrets cost him the life of his granddaughter? Are his efforts too little, too late?"

I like the idea of retelling stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel And Gretel through a Steampunk lens.  The second book in the series is also out, entitled Breadcrumb Trail.  The third book is set to be released in April 2015 entitled All The King's Men.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Boston Metaphysical Society Needs Your Help!

The Boston Metaphysical Society mini-series is a creator owned Steampunk Supernatural comic.  The comic is written by Madeleine Holly-Rosing and has 4 out of 6 issues in print.  There is currently a Kickstarter running to help her fund the 5th issue's art and print costs.  Here's a description of the series:

"The year is 1895...An evil from a parallel dimension escaped and now roams the city of Boston. Faced with a new century and new steam technology, the social and political status quo is turned on its head. People are uncomfortable with change and, in fact, many people fear it. That fear and the violence which follows causes a psychic rift to puncture the veil of space and time allowing the entity known as "The Shifter" to escape. Feeding on the resentment and fear between the rich and poor, “The Shifter” triggers a rash of murders. Four of the greatest minds of the time have banded together to try and stop this malevolent entity. Known only as B.E.T.H., they are: Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Harry Houdini.  THEY FAIL.  Against their better judgment, they look to a man driven by revenge – SAMUEL HUNTER.

The Kickstarter for issue 5 ends on September 12, 2014, so be sure to support this wonderful project while you still can!  At the very least, check out the Boston Metaphysical Society website for this Geekie Award nominated series!  Let's show Madeleine our Steampunk Enthusiasts support her work!

Have a look at Madeleine's kickstarter video:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Steampunk Feature: Chanchala a new program I'm starting for The Steampunk Review, you could win the chance to have your shop featured on my blog!  It's simple, all you have to do is follow me on twitter: @TrevorSSchmidt to submit for your chance to be featured here!

Today's feature: Chanchala, is a shop out of Brighton, UK that creates Steampunk Jewelry, pins, and creatures.  According to her website, 'Chanchala' means 'ever-changing.'  Here are links to her Etsy, Website, Twitter, and Facebook.

I love the bee pin (at right).  It's sold for $39.15 on Etsy and his name is Eric.  Each one has unique watch movement, which I'm a big fan of.

About her shop, Chanchala says, "Most of my pieces incorporate found objects which are old and unwanted. My line of Steampunk jewellery began with a pile of old watch and clock parts which got caught in the 2004 Tsunami, courtesy of my Dad. He owns a shop in southern Sri Lanka which was badly damaged. There is so much joy in turning such a tragedy into beautiful pieces of history"
 I'm also a fan of this Fox Pin, sold for $35.74.

Be sure to check out Chanchala's wares and follow me on my Twitter for your chance to be featured right here on The Steampunk Review!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Steampunk Chattergrub Review
This item would definitely fall under the 'oddities' category.  It is a polymer clay creation straight from the mind of etsy user tinplatestudios.  A quick browse of their storefront revealed a ton of neat creations like the Chattergrub (shown at right) with the same odd and unique style.  This item is going for $45 on etsy which I don't think is half bad for what it is.  A person trying to create an evil laboratory would almost have to have this sitting on a shelf.

From the description: "If its darling little claws don't work their way into you, then its horrifying dentition will!  Mind your fingers!"

As of this writing the Chattergrub has 122 reviews with an average 5-star rating.  I did look through to see what the negative comments were.  One user described getting a product that didn't have as much detail as the one pictured here.  From all of the positive reviews, I'm going to go ahead and label that one a fluke.

Do any readers have experience with this item firsthand?  If so, leave a message in the comments!

Trevor's Rating of the Chattergrub: 94% (For a piece that would be great as a set prop in a Steampunk movie.  I'm crossing my fingers to see it happen after writing it here).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Steampunk Film Review: The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

I found The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (2013) on Netflix recently and decided to give it a try, mostly because it features stars like Lena Headey and Sam Neill.  The film is based on a series of books by G.P. Taylor.  From the outset I knew it was a film rooted in Steampunk, and so I really wanted to like it.  I really tried.

The supporting cast was great and the main actor did fine, but the film lacked a well-written script.  No amount of Steampunk nostalgia and campy nods can save this film from what it is at heart: a film thrown together, based on a series of young adult novels trying to cash in on the Steampunk trend.

I don't mean for this review to sound truly scathing, as there were genuine moments in the film that intrigued me.  The architecture of Sam Neill's hotel was breathtaking and the concept itself wasn't bad.  Some of the best moments came from Steampunk inventions owned by Sam Neill's character, including a pair of goggles that can see recently trodden footprints.  A useful tool if I do say so myself.

It's entirely possible that the Mariah Mundi books by G.P. Taylor are far better than this film.  That said, if you have time to kill and want to see Sam Neill play a baddie the film isn't a complete waste of time.  I'd queue it up in Netflix, but don't waste any money on it.  You'd be better off with films like Stardust (2007).

Trevor's Rating of The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box: 62% (For a visually interesting movie with a terrible script).

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Steampunk Linear LED Watch
Rubbertoe Replicas is a company out of Cardiff, South Wales UK that principally makes props for the set of Doctor Who!  They also sell replicas of those set props on Etsy and their website.  Their Tan and Brass Linear LED Watch caught my eye so I decided to feature them here on The Steampunk Review.  This item is fully functioning and had a real leather strap held together by rivets, nuts, and bolts.  They claim the battery also had easy access.  By looks alone, this product is sure to grab the attention of passersby and set you apart from the hordes of "Winner" watches out there.  It's a little more expensive than the "Winner" variety at $139.95, but it would serve as a great talking piece.

I know from personal experience that when I walk around with my Doctor Who T-Shirt I get stopped several times in a day by a fellow Whovian.  If only my shirt were made by the actual prop makers for the show, I would have a lot more to talk about.

I would urge you to check out their website and learn a little more about the company.  Click that last link and you'll be brought to some of their set designs, large and small.  They made the TARDIS, the Daleks, and more.  My nerd alert has tripped.

Trevor's Rating of the Linear LED Watch: 93% (For an interesting design that would serve as a great conversation piece)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Steampunk Alphonse: Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay
Hello and welcome back to The Steampunk Review!  After my short hiatus, I am back, and reviewing this wonderful piece of anime cosplay.

Etsy User VanguardSmithing has created this amazing piece of work.  I've posted their description of the piece below:

"This is a cosplay and costume piece from the anime Full Metal Alchemist made by hand with over 65 square feet of metal, around 300 rivets, 12 feet of leather, and 600 hours of combined labor and love. It weighs in at under 30 pounds but the metal is strong and it is built solid. It has won a judge craftsmanship award at Anime Expo Los Angeles and it is my shops biggest and best build thus far"

It's a 9-piece set that requires help to get in and out of it.  The quality of the detail appears quite good, like it should last for decades of Comic-Cons and Anime Expos.  At $10,000 this piece is hardly for the casual cosplayer, but an avid collector might find the price just right.  This blogger would be in for about $500, so it looks like I'll probably be sticking to cardboard if I want to cosplay Alphonse.  Sigh.

Trevor's Rating of the Alphonse Real Metal Armor: 95% (For a sick hunk of metal I want to walk around in but won't ever have enough money to actually buy so I will continue to window shop and drool at for the foreseeable future).