Monday, December 23, 2013

Steampunk Gatling Gun Review

Yes, you heard that right.  A Steampunk Gatling gun! This product comes straight from LaBoutiqueVapeur's Etsy shop, where I also found some other unique Steampunk weapons and lighting fixtures.

At $1,650.00, I think it's a bit out of my price range, but is fun to look at nonetheless.  It weighs 30 Ibs and contains mostly copper and brass parts.  A sewing machine makes up much of the body, which has moving parts that are fun to fiddle with.

About the barrel, the vendor said, "The barrel does not spin, non-firing, and the gauge is authentic, but decoration only. Orange tips at end of barrel are for weapon posting rules only...will be removed before shipping."

In my opinion, this shop is a fresh sight after all of the etsy vendors that have popped up in recent years selling Nerf guns that have been spray painted to look like copper and brass.  La Boutique Vapeur uses all real copper, brass, and antique parts, which is surely a factor in their price tag.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Gatling Gun: 92% (For an awesome weapon that is, unfortunately for my pocketbook, too expensive.)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Steampunk Lightsaber Review

Steampunk LightsaberI couldn't pass this one up.  The Etsy vendor SynnSilver has created a work of art in his rendition of the classic lightsaber, with a steampunk twist.  The vendor is a Special FX artist, which explains the craftsmanship in the design.

Unfortunately, according to the vendor, it will not kill clones or toast your bread as you slice it.  Therefore, my rating of this product will reflect that inadequacy...

I think this would be a great cosplay item for conventions.  While at Comic-Con 2013 I saw several handmade lightsaber hilts, and this one ranks up there with some of the best.  If anyone has made one of their own, I'd love to see it!  Please post a link to a picture in the comments and I'll feature it in my next post.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Lightsaber: 80% (For a good effort that would look good in cosplay, but one that will not kill