Monday, March 21, 2011

Is It Steampunk?

Is It Steampunk? You Decide. Every Friday I post a picture and link to a product that is actually for sale. This product is billed as "Steampunk." But is it really Steampunk? That's up to you! Use the voting buttons below each post to log your opinion.  Is it "Stone-Cold Steam," or drier than the "Sahara Desert?"

Week 7 (3/6/2015): Steampunk Dust
Week 6 (2/28/2015): Steampunk Owl Sculpture
Week 5 (2/20/2015): BDSM Bondage Collar (Steampunk)
Week 4 (2/13/2015): Steampunk Rat Ornament
Week 3 (2/6/2015): PVC Bustle Skirt
Week 2 (1/30/2015): Steampunk Spats by J Souza
Week 1 (1/23/2015): Upcycled King Louie Costume

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