Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sewor Steampunk Watch Review

I came across another unfamiliar watch brand on Etsy so I decided to do some snooping around. This particular watch was posted by user SchimmelsShop out of Gilbert, Arizona, USA. The watch has 1,036 reviews as of this posting and almost all of them are 5-Star.  I found this a little suspicious so I looked through the reviews and found that the reviews appear to be legit. A couple of the users complained that the leather band felt "Cheap" but for $35 they were okay with it and still gave it at least 4 stars.

The brand Sewor is a Chinese company (Which makes sense given that their brand name reads like Sewer).  Something must have been lost in translation.  Apart from Etsy in the United States, very few websites carry the brand. However, they are quite popular on Alibaba and Aliexpress, and you'll pay less than half the cost per unit.  Of course, you might have to buy at least 10. Etsy has become littered with resellers of Chinese products lately, which can be a good or bad thing. You're likely to pay less for a decent product (Even if you could get it cheaper elsewhere), but the point of Etsy is to be a marketplace for handmade or at least somewhat unique products that are not manufactured in bulk.

Doesn't this go against that very principle? I find it ironic when Steampunk items in particular are sold in mass quantities, eschewing the point of the genre: idolizing a simpler time with unique products that were singularly made for you. Is this unrealistic for the average consumer? Sure. But that doesn't mean we have to buy the same thing every Tom, Dick, and Jane are buying. At the very least, if someone's going to sell a product like this on Etsy, I would hope they would change the band for something they hand made. If you're going to go the commercial route, you might as well buy it for $15 on Aliexpress.

Trevor's Rating of the Sewor Watch: 80% (For a standard Chinese-made Steampunk-influenced watch that can be bought for $15 somewhere else. Please exercise those fingers and do a quick google search. An informed consumer will drive down prices on all products).


  1. I ordered a steampunk wristwatch an its a wind up works as good as my relic watch.at.a fourth of the price!

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  4. I have one of sewor watches, its an automatic and it keeps time very well. I'm learning to be a watchmaker so even if it does break on me if its a cheap Chinese sort of watch, i still wouldn't mind because it'd be practise for me to fix it. :D
    But i have to say their watch designs are very good.

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