Monday, September 8, 2014

Steampunk Swashbuckler Eye Patch
I've detailed Steampunk eye patches before on this blog, but none as swashbuckling-ly good as this one.  A product of TheOddCog, this baby has bling, faux leather, and an attitude that says, "I'm going to kick your ass and look good doing it."  The Odd Cog is out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which makes me wish I lived on the East Coast.

From the seller:
"Ahoy wayfarers! Survey this unique eye patch, featuring red faux leather, glass jewel ornament as well as copper chain and gear detail. Perfect for costuming or simply turning heads wherever you stride, this piece is a must-have for swashbucklers at heart or practice. Chain band measures approximately 23" at furthest length can can be adjusted to smaller sizes."

It's times like this I wish I needed to wear an eye patch...Yeah, I can't back that up.  For a costume piece this is a great deal at $40 and would serve as a centerpiece to your outfit. 

Sound off in the comments, would you wear this piece to a convention?  I'm kind of interested in the sword myself, but then I like sharp objects. 

Trevor's Rating of the Swashbuckler Eye Patch: 95% (For a piece that reminds me of Star Dust or one of my other favorite Steampunk outings).

Photographer: Stu Cloninger/ Grass Hut Studios
Model/MUA/Stylist: La Maupin

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Replica: Free Short Story
For a limited time, get Replica, a science fiction short story, for FREE on Amazon!  The promotion runs from 9/7/2014-9/11/2014, so pick up a copy, tell your friends, and if you enjoy my writing, please pick up a copy of my newest novel Symbiote.

Here's a blurb about Replica: A Short Story.

"In the year 2054, Army Sergeant Logan Martel hunts for an insurgent plotting a horrific attack on the West. It is in this world of high-tech equipment and prolific robotics that Logan finds himself set adrift, searching for what's left of his own humanity. Will he find what he's looking for? Or will he become merely a replica of his former self?"

Again, get this story for FREE!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Symbiote Is Out Now!
I'm excited to announce that my newest Science Fiction Novel, Symbiote, is out now on Kindle!  Trade paper version is coming soon.  Please check it out and give it an honest review!

Here's a synopsis: "When a normally meek Bay Area insurance agent suddenly turns into a voracious, homicidal maniac with an uncontrollable appetite, doctors quickly determine that the cause must be a brain parasite that can only be extra-terrestrial. Now, San Francisco Police Detectives Karen Hall and Yuri Markov are on a mission to end this wave of violence before more citizens become infected. But at every turn their investigation seems to be hindered by shadowy federal agents with a hidden agenda. Can they stop this reign of terror before one of them becomes the next Symbiote?"

If you have any questions about my newest novel, please leave a comment in the space below or tweet me @TrevorSSchmidt.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Orkina Mechanical Steampunk Watch
This automatic self-winding watch looks stunning, but I urge you to bear with me before jumping to buy.  The brand Orkina is a Chinese company, much like Winner, which makes cheap watches.  I have no doubt that the watch's quality isn't terrible, but beware of where you buy a watch such as this one.  I found this one on Etsy for $58.00 from ArtInspiredGifts, but a quick Google search and you can find one from Amazon or AliExpress for half the price.

In my previous posts about Caifu and Winner watches, I discussed the integrity of Etsy sellers who change out the leather bands and sell it as "Handmade."  I'm not going to pontificate on that today, because I don't want to beat a dead horse.  I've made my position clear already.  What I will say is that I understand people are trying to make a buck out there, but as a buyer of products online, you, the buyer, should make sure to do your research and find the best deal. 

Having said that, I still have my Caifu pocket watch from 2009 and it works just fine, so my experience with these Chinese-made watches is actually pretty good.  It's a dog-eat-dog world out there though, so watch yourself.  *Pun intended.*

Trevor's Rating of the Orkina Mechanical Steampunk Watch: 85% (For a great looking watch you can find for about $25 USD anywhere but on Etsy).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Periodic Table Bangle
Found this cool brass bangle with the Periodic Table of Elements stamped on it.  In addition to my penchant for all things Steam, I do love science-y items as well.  I think it's cool that it's a vintage version of the table to more closely fit the Victorian age.  This particular bangle costs $40.00.

From the seller: "I've taken a vintage periodic table of chemical elements (lanthanides and actinides omitted) and reworked the imagery to be appear sepia, aged and stained; in fact parts of it almost resembles antiqued brown leather. This truly has to be the ideal gift for a chemist or for someone in the medical profession."

Since the version of the table is a little older, if you were planning on wearing it to your next chemistry test, you might want to think again...

This product is made in Dorchester, England by JezebelCharms.  I would take a look at some of the other products at their shop, they're quite good.  As of this writing the shop has had more than 13,000 sales and 3000 ratings, mostly 5-Star.  I've seen their products around since about 2009, so it appears to be a highly reputable shop.

Trevor's Rating of the Periodic Table Bangle: 90% (For a solid piece with an older version of the periodic table that's really cool to look at).

Monday, September 1, 2014

Astronomical Steampunk Ring
Etsy user SomeMagic has made a pretty nifty little ring here.  Hailing from..."Europe," they've gotten some pretty good Etsy reviews and their prices are low.  The ring at right costs only $10.85.  The ring is adjustable and the band comes in two styles which I like.  They are not, however, waterproof.  If looking at this ring or the countless others in their shop, I would bear in mind the quality could be a little low, but the look of it is awesome.  So, as long as you don't get too attached to it you should be fine.  At the price they're practically disposable.  I say go for it.

Be sure to check out their Etsy, Twitter, and  Facebook.  (Note: after a little digging, they are out of Lithuania).

Trevor's Rating of the Astronomical Steampunk Ring: 80% (For a visually interesting ring that is not waterproof and may not be the best quality, but is still worth a look for the wearer who isn't concerned about such things).