Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Periodic Table Bangle

Found this cool brass bangle with the Periodic Table of Elements stamped on it.  In addition to my penchant for all things Steam, I do love science-y items as well.  I think it's cool that it's a vintage version of the table to more closely fit the Victorian age.  This particular bangle costs $40.00.

From the seller: "I've taken a vintage periodic table of chemical elements (lanthanides and actinides omitted) and reworked the imagery to be appear sepia, aged and stained; in fact parts of it almost resembles antiqued brown leather. This truly has to be the ideal gift for a chemist or for someone in the medical profession."

Since the version of the table is a little older, if you were planning on wearing it to your next chemistry test, you might want to think again...

This product is made in Dorchester, England by JezebelCharms.  I would take a look at some of the other products at their shop, they're quite good.  As of this writing the shop has had more than 13,000 sales and 3000 ratings, mostly 5-Star.  I've seen their products around since about 2009, so it appears to be a highly reputable shop.

Trevor's Rating of the Periodic Table Bangle: 90% (For a solid piece with an older version of the periodic table that's really cool to look at).

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