Monday, September 1, 2014

Astronomical Steampunk Ring
Etsy user SomeMagic has made a pretty nifty little ring here.  Hailing from..."Europe," they've gotten some pretty good Etsy reviews and their prices are low.  The ring at right costs only $10.85.  The ring is adjustable and the band comes in two styles which I like.  They are not, however, waterproof.  If looking at this ring or the countless others in their shop, I would bear in mind the quality could be a little low, but the look of it is awesome.  So, as long as you don't get too attached to it you should be fine.  At the price they're practically disposable.  I say go for it.

Be sure to check out their Etsy, Twitter, and  Facebook.  (Note: after a little digging, they are out of Lithuania).

Trevor's Rating of the Astronomical Steampunk Ring: 80% (For a visually interesting ring that is not waterproof and may not be the best quality, but is still worth a look for the wearer who isn't concerned about such things).