Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Steampunk Altitude Mask
Coming to you from Etsy user OwlVsOctopus out of Albuquerque, NM is this interesting Steampunk Altitude Mask.  Now you can pilot your airship to greater heights without worries of suffocation!  TJ, the person behind OwlVsOctopus, has several great pieces of leather gear at his shop.

From his site: "I love working with wood and leather, bringing life back into old and broken things, adding age and character to new things. I love making custom restored-vintage straight razors and steampunk pieces so that they can reflect their owners, be they Gentlemen or Scoundrels (or, usually, equal parts of each)."

So far there are only 2 reviews of the shop for different products, but both are 5 star which is promising.  He's also got some cool bracers, masks, and a pretty sweet Dart Gun pictured below, right.  The Altitude mask retails for $120 while the Dart Gun goes for $180.  If anyone has any experience with this store owner, please leave your honest opinion in the comments section below!'s Rating of the Steampunk Altitude Mask: 85% (For a cool design with nice craftsmanship but with goggles that seem hard to see out through)

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