Friday, August 22, 2014

Steampunk Chattergrub Review
This item would definitely fall under the 'oddities' category.  It is a polymer clay creation straight from the mind of etsy user tinplatestudios.  A quick browse of their storefront revealed a ton of neat creations like the Chattergrub (shown at right) with the same odd and unique style.  This item is going for $45 on etsy which I don't think is half bad for what it is.  A person trying to create an evil laboratory would almost have to have this sitting on a shelf.

From the description: "If its darling little claws don't work their way into you, then its horrifying dentition will!  Mind your fingers!"

As of this writing the Chattergrub has 122 reviews with an average 5-star rating.  I did look through to see what the negative comments were.  One user described getting a product that didn't have as much detail as the one pictured here.  From all of the positive reviews, I'm going to go ahead and label that one a fluke.

Do any readers have experience with this item firsthand?  If so, leave a message in the comments!

Trevor's Rating of the Chattergrub: 94% (For a piece that would be great as a set prop in a Steampunk movie.  I'm crossing my fingers to see it happen after writing it here).

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