Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fashion Feature: Royal Peasantry Designs my post from yesterday, I'll be talking today about Royal Peasantry Designs out of Asheville, North Carolina. Though Royal Peasantry makes Ritual Adornment and Tribal Fashion pieces for the most part, I've found some of their work has Steampunk elements to them.  The shop purveyor, Daniella Miller, uses a lot of fur, metals, and leather to create some really unique looks. 

The Tribal Headdress (at top right) is indicative of Royal Peasantry's blend of natural and man-made elements that I like so much.  I could just as easily see the headdress at a fashion show or on the head of an Airship Captain, sailing the seven skies in search of plunder.  The Tribal Headdress goes for $775, which I assume is due to the extensive amount work that must have gone into the intricate details.  View the Etsy posting for additional close-up images.

Below is a great piece that's billed as a leather hip bag festival belt.  Again, I've seen similar styling on the League of S.T.E.A.M. and other Steampunk enthusiasts.  The belt goes for $185 and would be perfect for your next sky pirate raid!  For more great angles, check out the Etsy posting.

In addition to the Etsy store, Royal Peasantry Designs runs an actual storefront in Asheville, NC, located at: 80 N Lexington Ave; Asheville, North Carolina 28801.

To learn more about Royal Peasantry Designs, check out their Blog, Website, Twitter, and Facebook!

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  1. Royalty and peasantry are two opposing idea but I like how they have been fused to create such interesting fashion pieces. The tribal headdress seems like the perfect accessory to make a bold statement.