Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Steampunk Author Feature: Adam Dreece

Adam Dreece, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, is the author of The Yellow Hoods series of YA "Emergent" Steampunk books.  What does Emergent Steampunk mean, you ask?  Dreece answers the question on his website: "The SteamPunk books that I’ve read and discussed always have the principles and innovations needed to create that state of “SteamPunk” as already having happened. In the world of The Yellow Hoods, that is happening rather than already having been established."

It's definitely an interesting concept, which made me want to pick up a copy for myself to see how he accomplished this new offshoot of my favorite genre.  What I found was a well-written story targeted to Young Adults 12-18 (Which I wholeheartedly support).

http://theyellowhoods.com/the-books/book2/Here's a description of the first book in the series from his website: "Seeds of a technological revolution have started to sprout in this old world, about to change it forever. A secret society, long thought crushed, makes its first move against its unsuspecting benevolent opponent.

Master inventor Nikolas Klaus has seen some of this coming, and has quietly broken the rule of keeping his secret society’s knowledge and skills from the younger generations. He knows that the day will come when they will be needed, but has underestimated how soon.

Tee, Elly and Richy shed their innocence and are forced to stand as the Yellow Hoods to overcome life-threatening dangers, unleashed as secrets of Nikolas’ past are revealed.

Will Nikolas’ secrets cost him the life of his granddaughter? Are his efforts too little, too late?"

I like the idea of retelling stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel And Gretel through a Steampunk lens.  The second book in the series is also out, entitled Breadcrumb Trail.  The third book is set to be released in April 2015 entitled All The King's Men.

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