Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daniel Agdag's Steampunk Flying Machine!bLSoeyI came across this article today from PSFK and think it's worth a look.  Daniel Agdag is an artist out of Melbourne, Australia who takes the cardboard and glue medium to an absolute extreme.  He's able to create these sculptures with little planning and amazingly intricate detail.  While he has a background in photography, art, and film making, his knowledge of making sculptures was entirely self-taught.

I would encourage you to check out the MARS gallery here to see some more examples of his work.  In addition to flying machines he has many industrial sculptures as well as various Steampunk buildings.  Here's another great article on his work.

Photos by Daniel Agdag & Melanie Etchell
It's too bad his work his work is based out of Australia because I'd like to see some of it in person.  The level of detail for the medium is truly astounding.  What do you think of Daniel Agdag's work?  Leave a comment in the space below!

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Flying Machine: 97% (For incredible detail in an interesting medium that sets his work apart from anyone else).

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  1. I think that It is steampunk and industrial influenced but it is not steampunk because they machine isn't powered by any form of steam power. I would say that it would be more diesel punk because it has a diesel engine or another similar fuel run engine.