Sunday, December 21, 2014

Replica Free Through Christmas! you're just looking for something to read or you're looking to try out that new e-reader you received for Christmas, I have a great story for you to read.  The best part, it's free in the kindle store through Dec 25th!  Here's a synopsis of the ebook to whet your appetite:

"In the year 2054, Army Sergeant Logan Martel hunts for an insurgent plotting a horrific attack on the West. It is in this world of high-tech equipment and prolific robotics that Logan finds himself set adrift, searching for what's left of his own humanity. Will he find what he's looking for? Or will he become merely a replica of his former self?"

Here's what one blogger had to say about Replica:

"Trevor Schmidt, author of the cool sci-fi thriller Memory Leak, returns to the genre with this short story which follows a team of futuristic soldiers in their pursuit of a notorious terrorist.

This quick easy read is a cautionary tale regarding the development of future technology and is ideal lunch-break or commute reading that will appeal to fans of the Terminator movies."

-Ric's Reviews

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  1. Well this looks interesting. I will try to check this out in the upcoming weekend. Do keep us posted with more great stuff. Peace !