Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steampunk Robot Arm Gauntlet

You could become the proud owner of a robot arm, custom made by Etsy seller SkinzNhydez.  In just around a month, he will take your ideas and arm specifications and craft this steamy gauntlet just for you.  At the price tag of $2100, it is no small investment, but the workmanship speaks for itself.

The maker, Ian Finch-Field, states that his gauntlets are made with:
8oz Veggie tanned Leather
Brass sheet
LED light
Odds and Ends
Dyes and Finishers to give it that well worn and aged effect.

I need a lot of people to click my ads before I can afford one of these, but it will definitely remain on my list.  What do you think of this item?  Comment below!

Trevor's Rating of the Robot Arm Gauntlet: 92%

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