Thursday, April 11, 2013

Steampunk Light Up Bottles

These cool bottles are filled with various forces which are commonplace in the collection of a serious steampunker.

Seller's Description:
"Our new line of "Once Upon a Fantasy" bottles are pure magic held in your hands. Simply twist the top to ignite the bottle in shimmering light!

Bottles look amazing in the day light and glow brilliantly in pure darkness. Whether adorning a shelf in your home, hanging from your satchel at a convention or part of your painstakingly chosen outfit to the biggest rave of your life these awesome little bottles will let you carry their magic!

Each bottle is attentively hand assembled. Each is a little different. Light runs on a triple button cell battery that is replaceable. Comes with factory battery that lasts about 8 hours. Bottles are wearable!!! Leather loop makes them easy to slip onto your belt or hook onto your pants."

These would look great attached to a belt or perhaps some contraption that utilizes the fascinating power of steam or the elusive force known as Antimatter.  Visit LiveSteamy for more details.

Trevor's Rating of Steampunk Light Up Bottles: 87%

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