Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steampunk Felt Robot Plush Doll

Robot Plush Doll
Some people steal all the creativity for themselves.  The seller describes this piece as "...about 4 inches tall sitting, not including hat. It is made of premium wool felt, cotton embroidery floss and poly-fil. His eyes are made from vintage buttons. His vest and hat have lots of embroidered details including French knots."

At $30 this unique Plush Doll is a steal.   I especially like the gold strips on his chest.  I'm told they are made of real gold.  (false)

For some reason, the robot reminds me of the street urchin robot from Futurama.  I'm crossing my fingers the seller will make a Steampunk Bender Plush Doll.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Robot Plush Doll: 88%

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