Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Steampunk Goggles

These Steampunk Goggles are perfect for the serious Steampunker who requires quality materials and care in their accessories.  At $160, these goggles are not cheap enough for the casual wearer.  The Etsy Seller, SteampunkCorporation, has a number of unique, handmade versions of this product to check out at their shop.

Seller Notes:
"Whatever you do in the post apocalyptic age, be it Airship Captain, Lady Adventurer, Sky Pirate or Victorian Gentleman Engineer, steampunk goggles are a necessity. Complete with range finder graduated lenses to enable the gentleman or lady explorer to estimate distances and precisely target objects these goggles are similar to our original eyewear, but feature a unique brass 'telescope' on the left eye, essential for those yearning to see the world beyond their immediate horizon."

Though there are cheaper models on Etsy, few match the quality and look of SteampunkCorporation's work.

Trevor's Rating of Steampunk Goggles: 94%

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