Thursday, January 29, 2015

Steampunk Feather Fascinator - OZION design Review

This great Steampunk accessory is brought to you by Etsy Shop CastleMemories, hailing out of San Francisco, CA.  It is available as a headband, comb, or hairclip, and costs $36.00.

The peacock feathers are a really nice touch that blends nicely with the Steampunk styling of the piece.  It's one of those items that if I saw someone walking around wearing it, I would have to comment my appreciation.

From the seller: "I put Steampunk on my favorite mainstay, the feather pad applique. I put cogs, Victorian style jewelry findings, feather pads and added a touch of "Oriental splash." The result is a firm, ladylike, bold statement of a hairpiece I am excited about. I think that experience and my take on Steampunk is typical of the way I approach "traditional" designs: with one foot rooted in tradition and the other foot kicking it forward. This design is just a partial example of some of the dozens of things we've dabbed into mixing modern trends and feathers."

As of this writing there are 553 reviews of this item with a 4.5 star rating out of 5.  CastleMemories also has a lot of other great products for the Steampunk trending lady.  Many are actually not Steampunk, but rather focused on bridal and other niche markets.  There are, however, a few dozen other Steampunk designs that I think my readers will really enjoy.  Simply click on the Steampunk Fashion link on the left bar of their shop.

Trevor's Rating of the Feather Fascinator - OZION design: 93% (For a design that's sure to turn heads and reviews that parlay its quality).

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  1. It’s pretty and classy. The peacock feathers always add glamour to anything they are decorated with. There could be more designs too. Thanks for sharing.