Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Steampunk Coat Review

This great jacket is billed as a brown black cropped jacket with brass details.  The seller is TalismanaDesigns, hailing from my rainy homeland, Oregon.  

From the seller: "I am using an enzyme technique with the fabric and it's taking on a fabulous antiqued leather effect that emphasizes the seams and detail stitching. Has that Pre-Post-Apocalypse appeal. Will be enhanced by dustings of playa, or general hard living. Raw edges for outlaws, space cowboys, and airship pirates. 

Looooong sleeves, slightly flared and scalloped, they'll likely come down to your knuckles. When I'm working I cuff them back. The back comes down into a subtle flattering curve. The zipper stops at your cleavage with a slight keyhole effect. To get warm and cozy you use the stylee cross-over collar. Really nice high neck. 

One of my inspirations for this design was to have something for the dancefloor. It's warm enough, especially in crucial sleeves and neck, to take care of you on festival nights - but streamlined enough to carry or tie at your waist once the bass drops and you start sweating. I've named it the Libra Coat. As a Libra, I like all my choices available. This is the perfectly balanced coat. It does as much of the work as possible of a big coat, in the sleekest ninja package."

Personally, it reminds me of something I might find one of the characters in my books wearing. Almost post-apocalyptic but decidedly Steampunk.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Coat: 92% (For a great looking coat that looks durable and functional, all at the low price of $58.00)

Be sure to tune in this Friday for another edition of "Is It Steampunk?"

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  1. It is simply the best high neck coat I have ever seen with such a tremendous specifications and low price.thanks for sharing,I will definitely get one.