Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jet Pack/Time Machine Review

It's that time again, for another review of stuff I find on Etsy from the Steampunk persuasion.  This time, I found a Steampunk Jet Pack that doubles as a Time Machine.  At a price of $699.00 this item is sure to work...for real.  Aethertech is the seller, and they had some interesting things to say about their product.

"It has a range of about five years if fully fueled. If one wishes to survive the trip through the temporal rift and hence the condensed lumeniferous aether, it is advised to employ both ocular protection and breathing apparatus. If properly fueled prior to transit, adequately protected during transit, and operated by an Aethertech Industries certified precognitive psychic, this device is guaranteed not to kill you our your money back!

Though the original device was engineered before Aethertech Industries received a charter, the design has been improved greatly since then. It burns aether ore, a curious material that simultaneously exists and does not exist. The source of aether ore is a closely guarded secret of Aethertech Industries and the Aether Brigade. One must refuel from a certified Aethertech Industries Supply Depot and Semi-rigid Dirigible Docking Station."

Sounds like a steal!  I do wish the Jet Pack looked a little more robust.  As it stands, it looks like it belongs at a tea party rather than in the hands of an adventurer.  I was thinking something that looks more like the Jet Pack from the Rocketeer would make for a more practical and fun experience.

Trevor's Rating of the Steampunk Jetpack: 84% (For a nice effort at a Jet Pack/Time Machine that only falls short in its lack of a robust appearance).

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